Why upholster?

Upholstery is a bespoke service that allows you to revive a piece of furniture, and coordinate it with your existing interior or create an entirely new interior. Upholstery isn't necessarily cheaper than buying something on the high street, it is bespoke craftwork made in this country and not manufactured in a factory. Older items often have excellent frames,  as opposed to chipboard and cardboard frames common on the high street, even from reputable retailers. 

How we work

We can provide a range of upholstery services, whether your piece of furniture is traditional or contemporary. A good starting point is to send through a photo of the piece that needs upholstery using the contact form and we can give you a price bracket for costs, and a start date if you do decide to go forward. Based on this, we will arrange either a home visit or a chance for you to visit us, and look through fabric books, talk about colours etc. and arrange  samples if you would like them. Click here to see a list of fabric suppliers we work with.

Fire Regulations

Please bear in mind that we are obliged by law to meet fire regulations and that most fabrics should be treated with fire retardant, or a fire-retardant interliner will be added at extra cost. There are a few exceptions to this rule, it excludes furniture pre-1950 and some fabrics such as wool which are inherently fire retardant. A few fabric companies provide fabrics ready treated, and some provide a treatment service.